Speech-Sound Disorders:

Children of all ages can experience difficulties in speech sound productions. Speech sound disorders defines difficulties in perceiving sounds and producing the sounds of our language. We will help to identify your child's areas of greatest strength and need by providing comprehensive consultations, evaluations, and therapy to help them achieve their goals. We offer assistance in the following areas:

- Articulation

- Cleft Lip and Palate

- Fluency (Stuttering)

- Motor Speech (Apraxia of Speech)

- Oral Motor 

- Phonology

- Resonance

Language Disorders:

Children with language delays and/or disorders often have trouble understanding what others are saying to them (receptive language), or sharing their thoughts and ideas (expressive language). Green Family Therapies offers assistance in the following areas:


- Augmentative Alternative Communication

- Autism Spectrum Disorders

- Early Intervention (children 0-3 years old)

- Pragmatic/Social Language Disorders

- Receptive and Expressive Language

Feeding Disorders:

Feeding is a process that develops as children grow. If this process is interrupted, it can result in undernutrition, delayed physical and social development, poor growth, and even decreased schoolastic achievement. We specialize in the following feeding areas:

- Feeding Aversions

- Parent-Child Interaction

- Sensory Difficulties

- Oral Motor Development

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